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How To Be A Better LoL Player

Are you currently an enthusiastic League of Legends player and need to climb up the queue ladder that is solo? LoL proves to be a very ambitious game, the sheer variety of players competing in the competitive arena and solo queue and particularly with all the game mechanisms involved. But as with anything, you are able to get better with training that is constant. Taking little steps can make an enormous impact in your overall game. Keep reading for some tips on the way to be great at League of Legends.

Play Just One Role

It's also recommended that you simply focus on just one function first. You can find five positions to select from: jungler, top, ADC, support and mid. Most players consider the jungler function to function as most challenging, particularly for players that are totally new. The ADC and Mid are great choices for starters, but feel free to select which position you appreciate the most. As you play more games, you'll necessarily learn the way to play the other jobs.

Additionally there are several LoL communities you are able to find online. By participating in discussions, reading guides as well as watching other Elo players that are high, you can surely get lots of strategies which you can apply to your own games. With enough practice, you should manage to slowly climb up in solo queue.

Master The Basics according to my smurf

Then you definitely should focus on the fundamentals should you really need to become a better player, although it's constantly tempting to learn about all the small details associated with LoL. Many beginners make the mistake of focusing on hero kills, and it's tough to blame them. After all, other heroes that are killing is the most exciting aspect of the game. But it's important to keep in mind you could win LoL with no single hero kill. This can be why instead of racking up kills, you should place more emphasis on securing aims like killing dragons, taking down turrets and defending your base.

You should also practice getting higher creep scores. You get gold for each creep you kill. When you're in lane, it's nice to harass the opponent from time to time, but be sure you don't miss any CS as much as possible. Additionally, make it a custom to examine the mini-map. Through this, you're able to see where the other heroes are, letting you place yourself correctly to prevent ganks and join team fights if need be.

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