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Blog posts August 2016

How To Be A Better LoL Player

Are you currently an enthusiastic League of Legends player and need to climb up the queue ladder that is solo? LoL proves to be a very ambitious game, the sheer variety of players competing in the competitive arena and solo queue and particularly with all the game mechanisms involved. But as with an…

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The Best Free Work out Videos On YouTube

Downloading YouTube videos for offline use, or simply to watch later, is simpler said than done on iOS. Open up RealPlayer > Library > Videos > Right select any video recording > go for Convert to from the menu (also shows on the still left). Apple have been instrumental to advertise MP4 by adoptin…

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Online Tune Downloading Sites

Any technological development also comes with some sort of a negative effect on the people who they benefit. As an example, the music business has been losing money since free downloads that are on-line became available. You do not have to take a stroll down the streets on a bright Saturday afternoo…

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How To Get More Followers, Lovers, And LOVES TO Increase Your Public Reach

After scanning this recent post from @paddydonnelly , Not Another ‘10 Tips to have more Followers ' Twitter, I felt compelled to create what I think is the best way to use Twitter for getting more followers. Getting those followers isn't always easy though, which leads some innocent businesses to wa…

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